From Vietnam with Love

This is a Craigslist post I wrote while traveling Vietnam. I ended up middle-manning 2 suits and 8 shirts. 


Hey SF. It's been a while. 

I'm a San Francisco resident that has been out eatpraylove-ing for a while and find myself in Vietnam at the moment. A couple days ago I had a tailor take my measurements and make me a some shirts, and HOLY SHIT. It's like they were made for me. Weird right?

Blown away by the price and quality of the shirts (and subsequent suit), I offered to be a profit-less middle man for my roommates because they're rad and I love them. 

But see, I don't love you. Not yet. I'd love to make some money off you. 

For full transparency:
- To get a kick ass suit made here costs between $130 and $160 (USD) depending upon material, style, quantity, and how many cups of coffee I've had before bargaining. 
- Shipping is goddamn expensive. This will vary depending how many orders I get and whether people want them soon (air shipped (read: EXPENSIVE)) or not so soon (freighter (read: still pretty expensive)).
- The rest goes to me because I'm a greedy bastard. Actually I just have a nasty Banh Mi habit to keep.

The "How sketchy is this?" section:
- Very
- Anyone who agrees to this deal is blatantly raising a middle finger to Craigslist's well intentioned and 99% accurate warning reading, "Requests that you wire money are SCAMS!" Unfortunately there's just no way around this. I'm near broke and need you to disregard every last shred of common sense and wire money to Vietnam. Don't tell you'r parents. They'll freak the fuck out. 
- While I may be a random dude in Vietnam, I'm a random dude in Vietnam that knows his way around clothes. I ran a clothing company for years and know what to look for in a good seamstress/ tailor. With a little guidance from you as to what you're looking for, I'll be your advocate in making sure your suit is spot on. 
- I attached a photo of my sister and I at the highest point of Cat Ba Island in Vietnam (wearing the shirt I had made) because I read somewhere that people are more likely to trust others if they've seen a photo of them super sweaty. 

- TIMING: I have a relatively narrow window of time that I can do this for people, so if you're interested, send me your measurements (guide below) by 6/20. 
- PRICE: $350. Non negotiable. Unless you're really good at negotiating. Paypal, Venmo, cash to my roommates in the Mission. Whatever.

-MEASUREMENTS: I recommend you have a tailor take them so you don't blow it, but here's a guide. http://www.atailoredsuit.com/Complete-Mens-Suit-Measurement-Guide.pdf
- LOOK: Send me photos of what you want your suit to look like. Material, shape, lapels etc. Send images and links. They can reproduce anything. Seriously, anything. Carson Daly on NewYears 2004? You're fucking weird, but sure. 
- FIT: Choose: Regular, fitted, slim-fitted, or slim. (Regular- your dad's suit, Slim- Euro) I recommend Slim-Fitted. It will fit your body perfectly without stressing the material much when you move. 

Email me at fletch1774@[google's email service].com with any questions. 

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