My introduction to user-centered design came in physical form. Ever since a young age I've loved being able to translate my unique understanding of another person into a physical product.

Here are some recent examples.



"Motorcycle Ben" is a unique character, so he needed a unique seat. We went with a sparkly vinyl that might look more at home on a bicycle with training wheels and streamers, but I think it looks pretty damn good on this Harley. 

custom Motorcycle Seat 2

Motorcycle seats are a crazy mental exercise. I love thinking in 3 dimensions. 

This chopper needed a seat that wouldn't distract from its minimal esthetic. The result was this low profile seat and sissy bar for Cory (and Jamie). 


There are countless forces to balance when shaping a surfboard. The volume, outline, rocker and concave are influenced by wave shape and riding style in a way that can't be reduced to a formula. 

Tote bag 1

This bag was made for my sister, an avid sailor. The material used is a blown sail from a tall ship that she crews. 

Tote Bag 2

I love repurposing material. 

Midcentury-rustic bench

This bench is an amalgamation of two styles Breena and I love: clean, midcentury-modern lines, and repurposed, rustic materials. 

Avocado Linoleum Prints

One of my closest friends whom I grew up with in California has made what seems to be a permanent move to NYC. If these California Avocados bring him back to the West Coast even one day sooner, it'll be a success.