I've become completely obsessed with credit card PoS machines recently ("Point of Sale" if you ask the credit card companies, "Piece of Shit" if you ask anyone else).

These are incredibly important machines. We use them every day, we spend hard earned money with them, we trust that they're not going to steal and sell our information, and yet, they fucking suck. 

I've become fascinated with the different ways that people modify these stupid contraptions to explain them to their customers. Duct tape, Sharpies, packing tape, post its, label makers, I've even seen a tissue jammed in the chip reader- all to address issues that should have been caught in the design process. I love seeing these storeowners' solutions to bad design. Some are more effective than others, but in reality, none of them should exist. POS machines should just be designed better. 

Over the past year I've taken dozens of photos of these POS machines covered in notes and directions, and will be posting some of my favorites here. 

 Stinson Beach Market, CA

Stinson Beach Market, CA