I once heard a UX designer describe his career trajectory as "constantly getting closer to the problem," which perfectly describes why I love UX. I am obsessed with getting to the root of a problem before building solutions. I am an advocate for research, an avid white boarder and a ruthless critic of features.

For a taste of my process, here are some of my most recent projects. 


LifeLock is an identity protection service promising to "Detect, Alert, and Restore," in the event of identity theft. These reactionary measures are costly, so LifeLock wanted to explore more proactive security measures.

Over the course of three weeks, my team identified security best practices, discovered user pain points related to those actions, and researched the psychology of habit forming. The final deliverable was an iOS app prototype called Armor.



The goal in this client project was to design a responsive IDE for students to learn Java in. 

Over the course of two weeks I designed and prototyped the homepage, account creation flow, as well as the developing environment itself. I used a mobile-first approach to ensure that all functionality was available on any device. 



Jim & Cindy have run a successful brick and mortar toy store for decades. They wanted to build a web store that was consistent with their in-store experience. 

Over the course of two weeks I learned what differentiated their store and service, developed Information Architecture and exploration methods that reflected their character, and prototyped the site.



NLP Platform Client (NDA)

Web Platform; UX Design

A leading Natural Language Processing platform was looking to make its valuable B2B software more user friendly and introduce a long awaited search feature. They hoped this would extend the platform's reach to less technical users, as well as minimize the need to export data into other statistical software.

My team of designers learned how the software fit into their customers' workflows, discovered what users were looking for when they exported their data, and ultimately designed features in the platform to address common user needs. 

Case Study coming soon